what’s going on?

I’m happy. How did that happen? I’ve always been a happy person, and genuinely interested in things, but I’m happy. Fae and I are having fun together, joking around, being silly. It’s nice.

Aidan’s slowly but surely working his way out of his funk – understandable as Fae and I were not being very nice or very understanding. It was just one disappointment after the other. Better understanding of what’s going on with him and his ADD and allowing him more slack without giving him excuses. He’s a lot happier and having more fun, which I am really happy about.

Gillian is pushing at the boundaries, seeing where things are. Her disease is a serious pain in the butt sometimes, but as long as we’re careful, she’ll be okay. Her attitude lately has been a bit rebellious, but nothing we can’t handle – without causing permanent damage that is:) I love seeing her dance around instead of fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Celiac is a nasty little, yet manageable disease.

Me? I’m doing the biggest loser at work and trying my best not to eat every candy bar in sight. It’s amazing what you do when you think you’re bored.

Weight – 223

Akido classes this week – 0 (and that’s probably why I’m a bit blue this week – hoping to get there on saturday)

Oh yeah, I’m going to be recording stuff like that at the end of my entries from now on. Help me keep track of how lame I am being 😉