What’s up?

I do these types of entries for several reasons. I know I need to write. I know I want to post every day but I don’t. I like to keep people updated on stuff I’m up to and things I’m interested in. But I don’t have enough coherent thought to go into anything deep, so I gather up all of these little fragments and put them in one post.

1) I’ve been writing a story online with another blogger, and we moved our stuff here: Simply Writing  It’s more of an exercise in writing than two people trying to write the great american novel.

2) I’ve been having problems with being anxious and edgy lately.  Normally it’s because I’m not working out enough, but a random comment from a doc minded person I know on Facebook leads me to believe that it might be because my Thyroid meds might be too high.  I just changed them like 2-4 weeks ago, so it makes sense.  Going in for bloodwork on Wed.

3) FINALLY got the okay to get an MRI on my shoulder/neck to see if there’s any serious issues from my accident.  Short version: the neck and shoulder muscles are so locked that it’s causing nerve problems and pain in my elbow and numbness in my left index finger.  I’d LOVE to chalk it up to being old now that I’m 40, but I think it’s deeper than that.  Orthopedist thinks its muscular, but wants to rule out nerve/disc damage.  It’s taken almost 2 years to get them to okay this stupid MRI.  Couldn’t just go get it because it’s part of a suit, which I probably won’t see a dime from.

4) I have to go into my weekly meeting with my boss so I’m gonna split.

5) Be nice to someone today, on purpose.  You get double points if the someone is yourself.