What’s Up?

Got a lot of stuff going on at work, mucho deadlines by the end of the year for projects beginning in January.  Plus I’m trying to get this huge one off my desk so we can concentrate on some cool stuff in 2010.  Going to be working with a lot of data moving it around, making it easier to read, etc.

Fae’s ferratin levels have increased from the iron infusions from 9 to 11, which is good, but this Tuesday is her last one for a month.  The doctor want to see if the ones she’s gotten have kick started her system to produce more ferratin or no.  She’ll go in for more blood tests in a few weeks to see what the deal is.  She’s feeling much better one day, runs around like she normally would, and then the next day she’s wiped and can barely get out of bed.  She’s been taking it easier and it’s SLOWLY getting a little better.  Not as much as we’d like, but she’s getting up when the kids get home and making them something to eat and be with them while they do their homework which is lightyears from where she was in the beginning of the year.

Still feeling like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers lately, but I’m being more careful about some of the things I eat, and drinking a lot of water.  Now if I could exercise regularly, I’d be all set.  My elbow is still killing me, I think I might have to go in for another cortizone shot, but I really don’t want to.

Hope this finds you and yours well.