What’s up Mr. and Mrs. Internet?

Howdy folx.  Yup, 7am and I’m already at my computer.  Woke up to get Aidan off to school, but the back of his throat is fire engine red, so no school for him.  Lucky bugger.

Of course, now that I woke up to get him up and ready, I can’t go back to sleep.  I can hear him snoring in his room from downstairs.  Need coffee, ugh ugh ugh.

So yesterday was fun.  Got a call around 10 from the middle school nurse.  “Your son has a ring stuck on his finger and it’s turning quite red.  Our ring cutter won’t even scratch it, and he’s getting anxious.  You need to come take him to the doctor or the ER.”

Long story short, we went and got him, his finger was purple, brought him to the ER since the doctor’s ring cutter was broken and spent about 3.5 hours getting the thing off.  It’s a stainless steel ring that has two pieces, an outer ring that slides around the inner.  A really cool ring actually.  Remember I said stainless steel?  They worked on it for about an hour with the tools they usually use.

Finally they called maintenance and used something called a dremel.  It’s a highspeed drill type thing.  Fae wanted them to go to the morgue and get a bone saw;)  Aidan turned a little white at that one, but knew she was joking.  Mostly 😉

Working from home has been really great.  My desk is right in the corner of the living room which really kind of blows, but I live in a three bedroom townhouse so I don’t have much of a choice.  The fam is great tho, they really leave me alone and are very quiet when they’re down here.  It works mostly because of the schedule we have come up with.

6am – wake up Aidan and get his butt off to school by 6:50am.

7-8 am – get my emails out of the way, get some work done prepping stuff I’ll tackle later, read techie blogs and forum responses to stuff I posted at the end of the day before.

8am – 830am – wake up Gilli and get her butt off to school.  She refuses to eat breakfast, mostly because of her stomach in the morning.  It’s a celiac thing, not a pain in the ass daughter thing 🙂

8:30 – 12 – work work work, get honey coffee, work work work work

Noon – 1pm eat, run errands, sit and talk, watch some TV, hang with Fae, all or none of the above depending on schedule and if Fae’s at work that day

1-2:30 – work work work work

2:45 – 3 – make Aidan a snack, get him started on his homework

3-4 – work, tho lately usually a conf call

4-6:30 – help with homework, make dinner, drive kids to activity a or activity b

6:30 – 7/8 – finish up tasks for the day, post questions to forums/friends

aaaaand scene.

Doesn’t always work out that way, but that’s about my day.  Yeah, it’s about 12 hours, but it works for me.  I always have my phone on me, so if anyone needs me, they can get me.

Whoops, it’s early day for Gillian, before school Chorus.  Have to go get her movin.

Everyone have a great day, it’s April Fools AND Friday.