What’s UP?!?

It’s Monday the 17th of November:

  • We’re done delivering 301 boxes of cookies to just about every single person on the planet.  “Daddy, I want to go for 500 boxes next year!”  “Fuck you kid.”  Yes, I said it.  No, I said it to you, the internet, not my daughter.  Ya dirty bastards.
  • I haven’t worked out in weeks.  Yeah yeah yeah.  How many of you have?  HUH?!?  Yeah, didn’t think so.
  • Haloween Candy + Girl Scout Cookies = lazy ass mofo, see previous bullet point.  Can you blame me?
  • Is my gloom coming through in this post?  Yeah, thought so.  Shut up Gloomy Matt.

Okay, seriously.  I’m actually doing pretty well.  I think the bit of gloom is coming from the temperature drop and the fact that Fall, for me, is kind of over.  When most of the leaves have fallen, that’s kinda it for me.  Sure, Thanksgiving is going to be nice – festive event at my parents every year – but it’s kind of the last hurrah before christmas season starts.

Is anyone else ready to vomit that you’re already seeing christmas holiday decorations and hearing those innane songs already?  ALREADY?!?  WTF?

Pledges to myself –

  • I’m going to work out tomorrow.  I swear.
  • I’m going to stop dipping into my kids candy bags.
  • I will drink more water
  • I will read to the kids more
  • I will cuddle with my wife and make her tea before bed because I know it means a lot to her.  (It does to me too, but don’t tell her I like getting her tea).
  • I will not obsess about baseball trading during the offseason.
  • I will stop using Facebook as an escape because truthfully, I don’t give a crap about updating my status everytime I go to the bathroom or go for a walk.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who is even thinking green and seriously thank people who are actually doing something about it.

Oh, and if you’re for Prop8, you’re a ding dong.