What’s wrong with (the) US?

It all comes down to one thing. Not enough open minds. There is a shortage of them in this country. Look at what’s happening today in our country. Where the hell do you start? There’s so much wrong with what is up with all of us.

It’s all about what can I get, right now, and for as little as possible, and take advantage of as many people as possible.

The phrase “Why can’t we all just get along” comes to mind. Do I want to give up the US’s position in the world today so we can all be humble and just all be friends? Hell, if I had the answer to the question “How do we solve it all” I’d be the next president.

Can Obama do it? Can he get us back on our feet? I hope so. The guy certainly makes me want it badly, bad enough that I am actually knowledgeable enough to know that JFK’s daughter is the chairman of Obama’s committee to choose a VP. That one of the front runners is a well spoken Senator from Missouri – AND IS A WOMAN!! I know that John Cusack has something to say about McCain. I also know that McCain has an absolute zero tolerance for anything having to do with Pro-Choice.

Am I political activist? No. Would I be able to get into a political discussion with a staunch republican and duke it out? Probably not.

But I’m excited about politics and enjoying what’s happening, and hopeful for Obama’s message of Change to come forth.