Who is this woman, and why is she still living in my house?

This is my Fae.  She’s mine and no one else can have her.  Well, if you’re nice she’ll be your friend, BUT THAT’S IT!

Here are 21 amazing things about her since April 9th is her 21st birthday.  (I said I would never lie to YOU, honey)

  1. She gets me, and I’m pretty low key and easy to get along with, but not everyone ‘gets’ me.
  2. She’s passionate.
  3. She’s intelligent.
  4. She’s smart (yes, there’s a difference).
  5. She’s constantly trying to improve herself, every single day.
  6. She’s helped me become the man I am, the friend I am, and the father I am.
  7. She makes my toes curl when she sings, doesn’t matter what it is.
  8. She learns from everything she does and things around her.
  9. She likes having opinions, and enjoys banter back and forth of opposing ones.
  10. She lights a fire under my ass constantly.
  11. She helps me to know what I need more than what I want.
  12. She taught me to stand up when I have an opinion and not back down from fear of confrontation.
  13. She likes my piercings.  5.  (All in my ears you sick people)
  14. She is constantly striving to grow and change.
  15. She talks to our kids; teaching, explaining, joking and when they need it, being their parent.
  16. She has the most beautiful eyes that I constantly find myself getting lost in.
  17. She likes to cuddle.
  18. She could sell a drowning man a drink of water.
  19. She has cool tattoos (ankle, shoulder, lower back)
  20. She has faults, and quirks, and lots of baggage, but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.  No, not anyone.
  21. She’s my girl.

I love you babe, always have, always will.


Your Matthew