Why Bother?

Someone mentioned to me that they couldn’t understand why I blogged.  “You can’t talk about work, you can’t say anything bad about your wife or kids or home life, you can’t even tweet as openly as you’d like to.  How do you bitch about things without everyone knowing it?”

Well, it’s a mixture of things.  I like blogging because it makes me write, it makes me think, it’s an exercise in organizing the millions of unrelated thoughts in my head into something that may have a chance of being coherent somehow to someone.  I don’t blog to bitch, tho I do sometimes do that, but it’s mostly about me, not about someone I’m arguing with or don’t agree with.  Would it be great to bitch about so and so and how they really pissed me off?

Not really.  There are blogs that do that, but mine’s not one of them.  My blog is for me more than anything else, but there is a current I listen to that sometimes makes me share things that I’ve experienced or come across because if I think it’s cool/weird/neat, who wouldn’t?? 😉  When I posted the stuff about Fae, she had actually been the one to tell me I should write about it.

So why do I bother?  I bother because it allows me to sometimes order just a small part of the maelstrom rushing around inside this skull, and make sense of just a little bit of that chaos.  And sometimes when I share, it helps someone else, or it helps someone else understand me a little better.  And to answer the original question, How do I bitch about things outside of me?  Why would I?  Yeah, I occasionally throw out the “I wish people would learn to drive” or “someone cut me off I hope they get a flat”, but I keep it so that it doesn’t effect my relationships with loved ones, friends, and co-workers.