Why I love baseball

I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I saw Jim Rice hit a home run over the Monster in Fenway in the late 70’s.  I’ve loved baseball since I was really young.  I’ve been to several different stadiums (Candlestick Park – SF Giants, Camden Yards – Orioles, Shea – Mets, Yankee Stadium – Yankees, Astrodome – Houston Astros, & Fenway – Boston Red Sox), and I love watching the game both in person and at home.  Truthfully, if someone gave me tickets, I’d go to just about any place to see a game – minors or majors :).

I’ve been a fan for so long, but a lot more lately because of my best friend Alex.  The office I work in is me and two other Sox fans, two Mets fans, and the rest are Yankee fans and I mean YANKEE FANS.  Thankfully, most of them are the cool kind of fan, not the obnoxious – tho they’ve had a lot to brag about this year:)

I’ve had a lot of really neat experiences, but two stand out more than others.  I was at Shea during Game 6 when the Mets had an awesome comeback in the .  I swear the stadium shook as we went nuts when they came back to win.  I have never felt such a surge of electricity, such a surge of positive emotion.  I was ROARING at the top of my lungs, sharing the experience with thousands of Mets fans, belonging to something so much bigger.  Awesome Awesome Aweome.

The second opportunity came last summer when my friend Alex took me to Fenway to see a game.  Honestly, I don’t even remember who they played.    I know they didn’t win, but it was THE most amazing moment in my baseball history.  I finally got to go to the place where I saw Jim Rice hit the home run.  The experience still fills me with chills.  Just sitting in the same place with thousands of fans and being on the right side of it all for once 🙂  I live in NY,  you can imagine what it’s like living here.  Just being able to sit with my Sox hat, order some Chowder – yes, I had Clam Chowder at Fenway – was amazing.  One guy ‘punched’ me because I waited until I was 40 “to come home for a visit with the family”.  Funny as hell, and really touching too.

I have to say that I am more of a fan of the game than I am of the Red Sox.  I will always say that asked what team I favor, it will always be the Red Sox, but I tell you what man, I just watched the Twins – Tigers playoff before the offseason tonight?  Dude, that WAS A GAME!!!  They went back and forth so many times, and sitting there watching, I felt like I was back watching the 2004 and 2007 seasons for the Sox.  That was a BATTLE.  So many opportunities gained and lost on both sides, SO many amazing plays.  Wow.

Tell you what, if you ever want to truly understand baseball, give me a buzz and lets go to a game together. 🙂