Why do we blog online?  Why do we write our feelings and happenings here, on the internet for everyone to see and read?

You know what?  I don’t know anymore.  Why I ever felt it was okay to talk about anything personal when a lot of people know that I write here, and because I’m an idiot and hooked my blog to twitter, and therefore to Facebook.  At one point I enjoyed writing on my blog and garnering opinion, and in some cases I’ll admit, a little bit of commiseration and even pity when things didn’t go right, and congratulations when things did.

I haven’t been writing much lately because more and more I wonder why I do blog.  I like sharing ideas and events and happenings, but the more I was blogging, the more I was looking for that was too personal, not only for my own things, but maybe things that were going on around me.

Am I going to keep blogging?  Well, it’s been a long freakin time, so I would say practice says now, but I honestly don’t know why I should or shouldn’t.

So what’s up with me?  I don’t know what I can say and can’t say about a lot of things, ya know:)  We had the water heater replaced the other day and on the same day, we lost our heat.  nice eh?  So psyched.  Turns out it was nothing and the electric company we use has an insurance thing that we can pay a few dollars a month to to cover our major appliances.  Thankfully, that includes the heater:)  Turns out it was nothing thank goodness.

Can’t talk about work because I usually don’t, and not gonna talk about my sex life because that’s none of your damn business 😉 but the kids are good, and Fae and both kids still think I’m cool, so it’s all good.