Wow man…what a two weeks

Thurs – Mon  we were on Singer Island in Florida, visiting my wife’s Grandmother.  Ever have the universe just tell you around every turn that you are supposed to do something?  We went to Puerto Rico in 2008 and on our flight down there, we had the chance to take a later flight in exchange for flight vouchers.   They gave us like 1000 in vouchers, nice eh?  So we’re thinking we’ll give them to my parents to take a trip.  Fae offers them to my Mom who says, “I want you to go see your grandmother in Florida, just go see her.”

You have to understand – Fae and her Grandmother barely speak, they’re not close to say the least.  But, my Mom said, “Do it for me, I want you to go see her”, so Fae acquiesced and we thanked her.  So now to plan the trip.  We’re really short on cash, REALLY short on cash, so finding a place down there would be really hard.  Didn’t want to stay with her, didn’t want to stay with friends of ours who just moved down there since they just got settled.  So Fae’s just talked to her G-Ma and set up when she thinks might be good (this is in Feb, planning for October) and is looking at the calendar for dates.  Then the phone rings.

“Hi, is this Matthew Cushing?”

“Yes Mr. Reading from a Script, this is he.”

“How would you like to come down to Singer Island to our new timeshare so we can try to make you overpay for a crappy little place?”

“Where’s Singer Island?”

“It’s right near West Palm Beach Florida”  (which is where her grandmother lives).

“Hold on, let me have you talk to my wife.”

So we get this cheap cheap cheap room that turned out to be really beautiful, for 5 days, visited with the grandmother for a bit of it, saw some friends who had moved down there from NJ and had a nice relaxing CHEAP weekend.  I went snorkeling under this bridge near by and saw some really awesome fish.  Really wished I could have scuba’d, but didn’t have the time or the money to do it, and I was amazed at not only how much I could see, but just how long I could stay underwater 🙂

So we get home, get unpacked, I go to work on Tues – the kids go to school, and when I’m at work, the phone rings and it’s Fae.

“Why did I unpack?  We have to be in North Jersey for the weekend for the twins B’Nai Mitzvah”

Crap, I totally didn’t even think about that.  Our best friends have twins who had their ceremony together – if it’s a girl, it’s BAT Mitzvah, a boy is Bar Mitzvah, more than one, is  B’Nai Mitzvah.  I’m pretty sure it’s just more than one, not a boy and girl at the same time, but I grew up irish catholic so what do I know.

So I work tues, wed, and thurs, take Friday off to be their bitch – yes, I drove to places all over Jersey picking stuff up and dropping things off.  Noticing as I went to their house at one point that their son has a HUGE swollen eye – we think it was an allergic reaction – it cleared up by that night thank goodness.  We had the ceremony in the morning and the party that evening and it was such a wonderful day, watching the four of them be amazed and amaze one another.  The kids did beautifully, Mom sang and organized, and looked wonderful, and Dad was just amazing when he did his speech for the kids and his wife.  Many wet eyes in the temple.

It all comes down to this – family is sometimes people you are related to, some maybe not.  It’s that bond of love that is shared, even if they drive you crazy sometimes.  Reach out to someone and give them a call or a hug, or even just an email.  Let them know you’re thinking about them.